Nodinite LDAP Web API

The Nodinite LDAP Web API helps developers automate HR flows using most LDAP catalogues like Active Directory/ADLDS, DirX and OpenLDAP.

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What is Nodinite LDAP Web API?

The LDAP Web API makes it very easy to create and automate operations against LDAP Directory Services like Windows Active Directory, DirX and many more. The supported operations have distinct pre-defined names and are logically grouped per entity (Users, Groups, OU etc). Working with LDAP is usually a trial and error experience, in addition, it is very error-prone. We have put a lot of effort simplifying the development using a test-driven approach with superior exception feedback. Developers will much faster get it right, with higher quality and fewer incidents once in production. This means, less money spent on building LDAP system integrations and faster time to market.


Written for LDAP

Supports many LDAP services, such as Windows Active Directory, DirX and many more.

System Integration Solution

Use custom code (like Java, C#, node.js) or any modern system integration platform/service.

Chunky instead of chatty

Simplifies your code. The clever use of Batches enables composite operations like "Upserts" and removes the need for complex flows
with conditional logic.

Host anywhere / Cloud-ready

Deploy the Nodinite LDAP Web API in your public or private cloud and run it on e.g. IIS, ASE
or even Linux.


All operations apply on a Set. Developers will find this way of working very similar to database programming like TSQL and PLSQL.

Track and Trace

Error? Don't worry, the response contains a very detailed level with data before and after the failed operation. This data improves your error handling and reduces the time spent troubleshooting.

Available as
BizTalk Server Adapter

Invest in what you have and get even higher ROI. The Nodinite LDAP Adapter for BizTalk Server also supports Enterprise Single Sign-On.

Security and Protection

Stay secure and protect your data using secure channels using HTTPS and SSL.

Test-driven approach

Use either the Swagger UI or the Windows Forms Client and test your LDAP operations before you even code your solution. Save your time, increase quality and you can instantly perform POCs.

Built-in Tracking using Nodinite

Full support for logging and monitoring of your solutions using Nodinite


License fee
(%20 SA, included during first year)
  • Includes hands-on getting started help
  • Access to latest version
  • No transaction/user limits
  • Access to technical support
  • All environments included (Test, QA, Prod)
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